THE SHOOTOUT CLASSROOM:  The Shootout 2021 starts with Trent Dilfer’s QBIQ Pre-snap recognition classroom training. Quarterbacks will learn how the professionals diagnose and dissect defensive coverage. WR’s start the day with high level man-to-man skills training.

SHOOTOUT FIELD TRAINING: Shootout Field Training is next. Quarterbacks and wide receivers will train with the pros regarding the football skills needed to compete during The Shootout Skills Tournament and The Shootout Finals.

THE SHOOTOUT SKILLS TOURNAMENT:   The Shootout Skills Tournament is a 2-on-2, head-to-head, ‘win and stay in’ bracket play tournament. You will compete with your teammate against opponents from around the country in order to make it to The Shootout Finals!


1. Teams will be seeded in the Skills Tournament based on their registration film and date of registration. Late registrations will be seeded during Shootout Field Training.

2. Quarterbacks that don’t register with a wide receiver teammate, will be assigned one, and vice versa.

3. During the three round Shootout Skills Tournament teams will face off head-to-head, back and forth, throwing the routes trained during Shootout Field Training. The Skills Tournament has a running, visible score and is based on simple, straight forward accuracy points and catches.  Form and esthetic DO NOT play a role in this tournament whatsoever!

4. Teams will gain 3, 2, 1 or 0 points per throw. Extremely accurate (3), decent placement (2), poorly thrown but caught (1), and incomplete(0). All balls must be caught for points.

5. There will be a running, visible score for complete transparency. The Sheriffs do not decide the winner, they simply grade each throw appropriately as they happen.

6. In a tie, teams will face off in a 2-on-2, one hand touch play.  Wide receivers playing defensive back and quarterbacks playing linebacker.  Both teams will have one offensive play, and the team that gains the most yards wins.

7. The sixteen winning teams from each age bracket move on to The Shootout Finals 2021!

THE SHOOTOUT FINALS 2022:  In the Finals things change. The Finals is head-to-head action, offense and defense! The Shootout Finals is a 2-on-2, man-to man, ‘win and stay in’ bracket tournament. Unlike other competitions we let the finalists play against each other for the trophy, allowing them to directly effect their opponent’s play. Wide receivers and defensive backs go one-on-one, quarterbacks rush from linebacker and the offense gets to call it’s own routes and audibles.


1. Teams play 2-on-2 football. Simple 7-on-7 rules apply. One hand touch.

2. Drives start at the +40 yard-line. Offenses have three plays to achieve a first- down at the +25 yard-line and the +10 yard-line.

3. Point-afters from the 5 yard-line = 1 point. Point-afters from the 10 yard-line = 2 points. Quarterback’s choice.

4. Defending quarterbacks must play in the Linebacker Zone and can rush after the QB-Tee beeps three seconds after the snap. Defending wide receivers play defensive back.

5. Defenses get one blitz each new set of downs.

6. A shotgun snapper will be provided if desired.

7. Pass interference and holding will be called by the Game Sheriffs.

8. Each team gets two drives in the Final 16 and Final 8.  

9. In the Final Four and The Shootout Championship each team will get three drives. 

10. Incase of over-time, each team will get an additonal drive and extra point try until the tie is broken.

11. The winners are deputized and become instant Shootout Legends